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Imagine, create and play with our customisable range of children's outdoor play equipment.

Manufactured in Castle Donington in the heart of the Midlands, the unique Honey-Bee Adventure System helps children develop coordination and control, and fine motor and large motor movements. There is no stronger structure than the honeycomb and we've taken this iconic shape and developed it into a durable and versatile modular play system to help children learn and develop. The modular, flexible structure of the Honey-Bee Adventure System allows play to evolve as children extend upon their experiences, have fun and share ideas with each other.

The versatile honeycomb play equipment features climbing frames, outdoor slides, play tunnels and more that can be mix-and-matched to keep the little ones buzzing around for hours!

Free wildflower seeds for your home, school or nursery

Not only do we want you to have endless fun with our play system, we also want you to help protect and grow our environment. No hive can grow without honey, so everyone who purchases a Honey-Bee Adventures play system will get packets of wildflower seeds to help us bees gather pollen for our hive.

Help save the bees!

Honey-Bee is a PTA Magazine Top 10 Buy!

After meeting a member of the PTA Magazine team at the Education Show, we were delighted when they got in touch and asked the Honey-Bee play equipment to feature as one of the 10 Top Buys. The list in the summer edition of the magazine features the most inspirational PTA purchases and we are honoured to be included.

Anyone ordering Honey-Bee equipment through the PTA Magazine is entitled to a 10% discount. Click on the magazine link below to find out more!

PTA Magazine Top 10 Buys

Click here to read the latest issue of the PTA Magazine

Bee Bee

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