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Why the Honeycomb?

Us bees are hard-working, modest folk… but we do like to brag about one thing; the honeycomb! Oh, and honey… that’s pretty great too. But the honeycomb has been called an ‘architectural masterpiece’. And what can we say, we agree!

It’s been proven to provide strength, durability and easy construction – all while maximising space. The hexagon is better than the lowly triangle or the measly square at dividing a surface into regions of equal area – don’t believe us? In 1999, Professor Thomas C Hales provided mathematical proof for the advantage of what he termed “honeycomb conjecture”. Even aircraft engineers use panels resembling the honeycomb to build planes that are stronger and lighter, and therefore use less fuel.

But what does that mean for children playing?

It means more fun per metre than other dull-shaped play equipment, as you piece together a play system that suits your environment. And thanks to the easy construction, it means you can tweak and reshape your Honey-Bee Adventures creation.

It’s all down to your imagination – and a helping hand from our experts. Combine climbing frames, slides, ladders, pools, playhouses and more for a multi-level construction.

The honeycomb structure means more variety and allows you to adjust size, height and suitability for children of different ages, so everyone can join the honeycomb fun!


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