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Bee Bee

We’ve come a long way in a short time! Here’s our story…

We’ve had years of fun, buzzing around our UK hive headquarters, so 10 years ago we decided that it was about time to share our secret…

Being an industrious bunch of bees, we designed and built a magnified honeycomb that children of all ages can enjoy. The Honey-Bee Adventures play system is durable, fun and constantly evolving – thanks to you!

It’s important for us busy bees to be creative and have fun while we grow – which is exactly what our equipment is made for. Pull it apart and piece it together again in an entirely new way and see where your imagination can take you.

Whether it’s playground equipment for school or an outdoor climbing frame in the garden, the Honey-Bee Adventures equipment is always changing. The different combinations mean that we see all sorts of new contraptions we hadn’t thought of!

Each adventure can be completely unique; something simple to get ideas buzzing or building a play system from the ground up, it’s entirely up to you – don’t worry, our specialists can help you create the perfect hive to fit your environment.

We’ve come a long way in a short time, and we’re looking forward to where the fun takes us next! Join us and develop your own dynamic honeycomb design!

Professor Bumble

Professor Bumble

The Honeycomb is one of the strongest structures in nature and is used in both the construction and aerospace industries. Bees have been using the honeycomb for thousands of years and now we have developed this structure into a fun and versatile play system for children both young and old.

The secret of our equipment is that you can regularly alter your play system, adding and taking away parts as the fun unfolds. It also means it can fit into most environments and be shaped to fit the majority of garden spaces.

We think it is lots of fun… we hope you agree!

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