Our Product Range

The Honey-Bee equipment is a modular system, meaning you can select a configuration that suits you with the freedom to add to it as your children develop and grow. The flexible structure allows you to be as creative as you like with the construction and it can easily be changed or adapted to keep your little ones engaged.

We have created six configurations to give you some inspiration for your Honey Bee, but you can build your own design to fit your space and your children's learning and development needs. Click on any of the products below to find out more about them.

1. The Double Decker - a versatile design for children of various ages

2. Bee Tunnel - a configuration of tunnels to explore

3. The Hive - fun for all with multiple levels and slides

4. Hive and Slide - perfect for smaller children with the option to expand

5. The Honeycomb - the ultimate hive of fun

6. Bee House - a den for children to play and hide