Bee Tunnel

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Crawl through the tunnels from end to end or pop out of the sides!

Create tunnels of different sizes or construct a whole new shape entirely. Cap any sides or holes you wish, or even change around the configuration by adding bends or extra tunnel sections for variety. A great way to get the children involved with their ideas on how they'd like their play. These tunnels can also be used in conjunction with other products in our range to create even more exciting arrangements!

Required Space: 7.50 metres x 4.60 metres (minimum)

Suitable for children 6 months upwards - see our dos and don'ts page for more information...

Available in a variety of colours...

*Pink, purple, orange and white are subject to a minimum order condition.


This configuration includes:

4 x Tunnels

2 x Tunnel Corner Bends

2 x Hexagonal Side Blanking Caps


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