Double Decker

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The Double Decker is an exciting and adventurous piece of play equipment perfect for children of various ages to explore and develop their co-ordination skills. Allow the children to use their imagination to have fun in a safe, supervised environment with their friends!

Due to its versatile design, the Double Decker can be adapted to include extra slides, tunnels, ladders and pools.

Required Space: 7.00 metres x 7.00 metres minimum

Suitable for children 6 months upwards - see our dos and don'ts page for more information...

Available in a variety of colours...

*Pink, purple, orange and white are subject to a minimum order condition.


This configuration includes:

  • 1 x Base
  • 12 x Hub Panels
  • 1 x Slide Top
  • 1 x Slide Safety Rail
  • 1 x Slide Middle
  • 1 x Slide Bottom
  • 1 x Ladder
  • 1 x Ladder Safety Rail
  • 2 x Tunnels
  • 2 x Hexagonal Flat Blanking Caps
  • 2 x Tunnel Foot Raisers


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